The Future of Giving

P A N E L    R E C O R D I N G S

On October 28th, Nonprofit innovators and event leaders asked what is the future of giving?

Some of the world's most influential nonprofits and tech experts logged into Virbela’s Open Campus to experience a virtual panel discussion, a scavenger hunt, multiple venues, and a speakeasy party hosted by DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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We know that each of the topics touched upon could be a whole seminar themselves, so we want to invite you to a one-on-one session to discuss these topics further and the trends, data insights and digital must haves for 2022 could be.

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Welcomes and Introductions

Keith Williams welcomes Matt Lewis, Jillian Schranz, Nick Rusling, Angela Rose and Marc Duarte and asks - whats your proudest moment delivering impact?


Consumer Behaviours

Matt Lewis, Nick Rusling and Jillian Schranz discuss the way that Consumer behaviour has shifted since the pandemic.


Inbound Challenges

Marc Duarte, Angela Rose and Nick Rusling open up about the challenges they forsee in the digital, fundraising and event landscapes.


Solutionising and Ideation

Marc Duarte, Angela Rose and Matt Lewis speak about potential solutions to the challenges identified in the Inbound Challenges video.


Magic Wand Wishes

Nick Rusling, Jillian Schranz and Angela Rose answer the question - if you had a Magic Wand , what would you make happen?


Inbound Opportunities

Matt Lewis, Jillian Schranz, and Nick Rusling all look to the future and the opportunities that lie ahead.


Audience of the Future

Matt Lewis, Angela Rose, Marc Duarte and Jillian Schranz all weigh in on the subject of future audiences.


Final Advice

All the panelists offer a final takeaway to help organisations look to the future of giving.