What is giving in

a digital world?

Feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff
October 28 2021


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innovation Panel


9:00 - 10:00 am PDT (USA)
5:00 - 6:00 pm BST (UK)



feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff

10:00 - 11:00 am PDT (USA)
6:00 - 7:00 pm BST (UK)

ACS Scavenger Hunt


Open 24hrs from Thursday 28th October
9:00 am PDT (USA)
5:00pm BST (UK)

Follow up the Innovation Panel with an Afterparty in the Virbela Speakeasy.

We’re bringing some of the world's most influential nonprofits and tech experts into Virbela’s Open Campus with interactive features that include a virtual beach, a scavenger hunt, multiple venues, and a speakeasy. You’ll get your own virtual profile page in support of American Cancer Society, get creative and make your very own avatar, take part in a Scavenger Hunt (maybe win an Oculus), join the in-world Nonprofit Panel and hang out for the live and exclusive after-party with DJ Jazzy Jeff. This is for the innovators - this is for you!

Step 1


Sign up to the free event in advance, and get your profile page set up! Your fundraising target is entirely optional, and your page will be synced with your Virbela login!

Step 2

Download Virbela

Download & Install Virbela onto your desktop. Register on the Virbela app, Login and Create your avatar to enter the world of Virbela. You are free to explore the campus before event day!

Step 3

Join us on the 28th!

Be sure to log in on the 28th! The Scavenger Hunt will be going all day, so login before the event to get your best chance at winning. We’ll be in there too, so we look forward to seeing you there.

Digital is evolving, and so is Fundraising

The world of personal giving is changing, and as we embrace new and wonderful ways of interacting virtually, the nonprofit world has a huge opportunity opening up ahead of it. 

While the rise of avatar-based platforms has been broadly embraced as a meeting and conference solution, it seems the not for profit sector has yet to experiment with integrating additional platforms to the virtual space in order to further engage supporters and facilitate donations.

Together, American Cancer Society, Funraisin and Virbela have set out to explore this possibility both through theoretical discussion and practical applications... all while having a great time!

We aim to provide unique entertainment, new ways of imagining how digital giving can play in our future, whilst together, united in making an impact on global cancer control.

Let's try something new and lead the way for exciting innovations in fundraising.

Live Performance

See DJ Jazzy Jeff perform live and in-platform!

Experience a live gig performance within a virtual world.

WIN an Oculus VR kit

Take part in our scavenger hunt to learn more about Global Cancer Control - and why it matters so much.

Winners get entered into a prize draw!

American Cancer Society: Global Cancer Control

The American Cancer Societies global work is focused on lower-income countries, where we work across the full cancer continuum, predominantly in national referral hospitals, often the only facilities where cancer is currently addressed. We seek measurable results in countries where Ministries of Health, hospitals and civil society partners can make the most significant impact.

This event aims to explore this possibility both through theoretical discussion and practical implementation of such tools.

Through registering, creating your profile page and attending the event you will have the option to fundraise and donate to help the global cancer commmunity.